At Cornerstone Kids Dentistry we use kid friendly terminology that focuses on positive and relatable items that children can easily understand. We purposely avoid scary or unfamiliar words that may hinder communication with your child. Please support us by using OUR language (and NOT the common dental terms) when discussing dentistry with your child. These include:

Cornerstone Kids Terminology

  • Tooth Washer/ Mrs. Whistles - Use:High Speed Dental Drill
  • Tooth Cleaner/ Mr. Bumpy - Use:Slow Speed Dental Drill
  • Mr. Thirsty - Use:Suction
  • Tooth Chair - Use:Bite Block (to assist opening)
  • Blowing a Bubble, Wiggling a Cheek - Use:Shot
  • Happy Air, Silly Gas, Spaceship Gas - Use:Nitrous Oxide
  • Counting Teeth - Use:Dental Exam
  • Sugar Bugs - Use:Cavity or Decay
  • Wiggle a tooth - Use:Pull a tooth
  • Wash away sugar bugs - Use:Cut out decay
  • Tooth Hat, Princess Crown - Use:Silver Crown

By using these terms, our intention is NOT to “trick” your child but simply to increase our ability to communicate. Do not feel pressured to introduce all of these words to your child. If you are overwhelmed at the thought of explaining the dental appointment, leave it to us! We appreciate your cooperation in helping us build a positive dental experience for your child.

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